Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Gold Powder Wash, enzyme facial cleansing powder, removes impurities in pores to prevent acne and provides moisture, leaving skin softer and smoother. Includes 32 individual capsules convenient for on-the-go use.

For dryness, texture disorder, and removal of keratin plugs. Enzyme facial cleansing powder with gold beauty oil. It prevents dryness that causes texture disorder by providing a moisturizing wash. Leaves skin smooth, moist, and soft, with less visible pores. 

Product Features

  • The combination of two enzymes and an amino acid-based cleaning component removes dark spots on pores, keratin plugs, rough skin, and old keratin while protecting the moisture, increasing the clarity of each wash.
  • Removes excess skin cells and impurities in your pores, leading to smooth skin.
  • Cleanses your skin and prevent acne.
How to use

How to use:

Take one dose (1 capsule) of powder in the palm of your hand.
Lather well with a little water or lukewarm water, and wash your face.
Can be used daily as a regular cleanser.


Featured Ingredients

Proteolytic enzyme (proteolytic), enzyme that degrades sebum secretions (lipase), amino acid-based cleansing agent (sodium laurylglutamate, sodium myristoylglutamate).
Moisturizing ingredients: golden sunflower oil (sunflower seed oil), golden avocado oil (avocado oil).