Intensively hydrating, antioxidant-rich Moisturizing Complex is formulated with powerful botanicals, natural vitamins, potent antioxidants, and essential bionutrients; which work synergistically to help support a moisturizing, protective barrier against environmental stressors.

Designed for use in the morning or evening, for all skin types and all ages.

This formula is an effective and truly versatile moisturizer.

Ideal for:

Hydrating: Excellent AM/PM moisturizer

Soothing: Packed with powerful antioxidants

Protecting: Supports a healthy skin barrier


  • Provides antioxidant-rich protective barrier
  • Provides both deep and surface hydration
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smooths and softens
How to use

Apply a small amount to clean skin, smoothing evenly over face and neck.


Hyaluronic Acid: One of nature's most powerful hydrators.

Japanese Green Tea: Calming antioxidant that helps support healthy skin.

Vitamin A: Powerful antioxidant that supports healthy skin and helps diminish the appearance of premature aging.

Vitamin E: Highly effective moisturizer and antioxidant that helps protect against the visual effects of photodamage.