Single Patch

Anti-ptosis chin mask with “lifting” effect.

A real targeted response to the problem of facial ptosis, Platysma provides an immediate “lift” effect. Its universal shape and stretch support allow the oval of the face to be tightened. The mandibular line is restructured and the contours of the face redefined.


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  • Reduces the phenomenon of facial ptosis
  • Mechanically restores the oval of the face
  • Provides an immediate “lift” effect
  • Restructures the mandibular line
  • Redraws the contours of the face
How to use

Open the sachet, fold the mask out flat with the tab on the top left. Place the upper slits on ears. Press the lower part against the chin then do the same with the lower slits. Smooth out the mask so it takes the shape of the facial contours. Leave on for 20 minutes. Remove and discard the mask.