Protective prepping mist:

Our number one protective water: the essential balancing act for the skin’s ecosystem.

A prebiotic and probiotic boost:

This milky emulsion immediately refreshes and soothes irritated skin. It strengthens immune defenses, and helps rebuild the hydrolipidic film essential to the protection of skin.

A soothing and refreshing cloud:

The first universal step in your beauty routine to help fight external assaults and bring balance to the skin's ecosystem.

How to use

Morning and/or evening, apply product by spraying directly onto clean face, or by spraying onto hands and then applying to clean face. Follow with the treatment program best suited to your skin. For a diffused mist, press long and hard.


Zurzach spring water: Rebalancing water rich in lithium
Jojoba esters: Helps rebuild the skin barrier that locks in hydration
LP complex: Promotes the balance of the skin’s flora for optimal barrier protection